The Children´s Choir of Tachov was founded by its current conductor Mr. Josef Brabenec in 1973. The ensemble consists of 200 children at the age of 5-19, it is divided into three preparatory sections (Crickets, Flame, Sun) and a principal choir wits altogether 70 members.

Winning the Golden Palm at the Feast of Songs in Olomouc 1977 became the first big success. Since that time the ensemble has been invited to participate in many festivals (Nantes - F, Oskarshamn - S, Halle, Gotha - D, Pardubice, Šumperk - CZ, Cantonigros - E). Present singers of the principal choir were awarded the second prize at the International Choral Festival in Ireland - SLIGO 2000 (category: four-parts choirs).

The ensemble has been supported by various institutions - especially the Town Cultural Center (rehearsals take place in a historical castle mill) and the Elementary School of Arts in Tachov.

So far Tachov´s children have performed in 14 European countries, they cooperate with the Westbohemian Symphony Orchestra of Marienbad.